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DS Petosevic | Registered Patent & Trademark Attorneys and Attorneys at Law, Serbia & Montenegro

Registered Patent & Trademark Attorneys and Attorneys at Law

About us

DS PETOSEVIC office provides a full range of intellectual property (patents, trademarks, industrial designs, copyrights, etc) services in Serbia and other countries of former Yugoslavia (Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia) and as well in neighboring Balkan countries (Albania, Bulgaria, Romania). We are also providing services for our clients in Serbian province Kosovo that unilaterally declared independence recently.

Our office is not only filing and prosecuting all kind of intellectual property applications but also handles all kind of litigations concerning the intellectual property rights.

In addition to prosecution and litigation matters concerning patents, trademarks, industrial designs and copyrights our office covers all other IP related fields, including all kind of searches, licensing and unfair competition.

Our office was founded in 1966 in Belgrade (capital of former Yugoslavia and now the capital of Serbia) by Mr. Dusan L. Petosevic, Registered Patent and Trademark Attorney and Attorney at Law.

Since then our office has developed and grown to meet all demands of our clients.

The managing partner of the office is Mr. Dusan L. Petosevic (member of FICPI, INTA and President of Yugoslav National Group of AIPPI from 1990 till 2003). Presently, our office includes three registered Patent and Trademark Attorneys (Dusan Petosevic, Dragan Petrovic and Ilija Jankovic). All our attorneys have a broad experience in protecting and enforcing the intellectual property rights.

The team of qualified associates and technical specialists covering all areas of technology supports our attorneys. We also have a team of specialized translators with the corresponding technical knowledge and experience in the protection of intellectual property.

Our office has sophisticated computerized records and renewals systems, which employ specially customized software to monitor the great number of deadlines and renewal dates and to exclude the possible mistakes.

Accordingly, our office is one of Serbia’s leading offices in the field of intellectual property protection.

In other above-mentioned Balkan countries (Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro,Slovenia, Albania, Bulgaria and Romania) we have a network of affiliated offices.

We are committed to providing quality service at reasonable fees and we are doing our best to further foster the reputation we have earned over the last four decades of successful intellectual property practice.

We represent a variety of corporations from all over the world, many of them being world leaders in their respective fields.





DS Petosevic, Kablarska 26, 11040 Belgrade, Republic of Serbia (former FR Yugoslavia)
Phone: +381 11 306 62 62, Fax: +381 11 369 32 48, +381 11 306 60 38;
E-mail: mail@dsp.rs Web site: www.petosevic.co.rs

DS Petosevic | Registered Patent & Trademark Attorneys and Attorneys at Law, 11040 Belgrade, Kablarska 26, Serbia & Montenegro (former FR Yugoslavia)